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Reggie Byers

Reggie Byers is an author, illustrator, youth mentor and brand creator from Philadelphia, PA.

In 2015, he was recognized and awarded with the ECBACC Pioneer/Lifetime Achievement Award

which credited him as a trailblazer for being the first

African American self-publisher of black and white comic books.

The creation was his manga inspired series, Shuriken in 1985.

He has worked on numerous comics and independently published children's books

including Robotech, Peace Posse, Crescent, Kangaroo Heroes

and The Official Philadelphia Soul Arena Football comic book.

Expressing his love for God, Reggie created the groundbreaking Christian comic book

Kidz of The King, which he and his wife self-published in 1994 which was

eventually published and distributed nationwide by Urban Ministries Inc (UMI).

Kidz of the King was also produced as an animated cartoon in 2008 by actor Peter Parros.

In 2017, Kidz of the King was acquired and rebooted and is currently

published by Urban Angel Comics.

Reggie's faith illuminates in all aspects of his works.


He continues to create art, comics and brands through his independent studio

and promotes a wonderful unique skin balm product created by his wife.

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