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When chaos strikes the city of Philadelphia, and it’s too much for the police, help is on the way!
When twelve year old Shakur Dupree lifts his fist and proclaims three special words...
“PEACE, LOVE and POWER," he and his little sister Tatiana are transformed into the “Duo of Soul,”


AFROBOY and PUFFGIRL is a comic book series featuring the adventures of two
unlikely heroes’ mission of combating social ills that threaten the well being of children
of the inner city.
What makes this comic book unique is that it serves not only as entertainment for
readers, but it serves as a life skills teaching tool for kids and pre-teens. Throughout the
adventure-filled comic book there are teachable messages of social responsibility, respect,
self-love and empathy.

“AFRO” in AFROboy stands for Achiever, Focused, Responsible and Outstanding.
“PUFF” in PUFFgirl stands for Powerful, Uplifting, Fighting Female.

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